Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh Hey Bro, Gamecube? Sweet!

Life is hectic right now at Northwestern University as we enter the final stretch. Luckily, after this last week or so of hell (and slice armadillo heaven this Saturday), I'll be finished with my freshman year.

As such, there'll be little time for trivial acts like blogging. I'll be too busy doing important things like reporting on video games, which you'll see later. To tide you over here's some of the nonsense I've been doing here at NU. Bropocalypse Now (episode 1?), my team's entry for last Fall's Campus Movie Fest.

Also watch this student film made by some friends of mine mostly because it's awesome but also because I have a special thanks in the credits for letting them use my tripod for a little while. It was the least I could do after documenting their casting process for a journalism assignment.

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