Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pie Planet 2- Living Together

This is still happening. Spelling mistakes are too. Lost already? Just click that "pie planet" label at the bottom to get caught up.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Mind Dump 7- Incorrect Opinions

I believe very strongly that certain things that are technically subjective opinions can be objectively wrong. This can range from views on some games to certain aspects of other cultures. However, the key to having this opinion while not becoming a hypocrite is recognizing one's own incorrect opinions like eating cereal without milk or the posts below.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Stuff I Did This Week 9/23/2011

Only one review, Running Sheep HD, and one news post, Formspring for iPhone, but this week I also helped start a wonderful Tumblr, Yeast Fairchild. Bread People is one of the good kinds of Tumblrs I was talking about and Yeast Fairchild is that but with people in my dorm, East Fairchild/CRC, turned into bread instead of celebrities. Please to enjoy.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pie Planet 1- The Beginning


A while ago I mentioned this comic I made back in high school called "Pie Planet." Well, here at Northwestern it has developed a small, quasi-ironic following but only three physical copies of the entire three-volume series exist. So I'm giving into pressure (and lack of time to produce new content) and will be putting out one story arc each Wednesday, straight out of 2006, no context, HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SPELLING MISTAKES and all.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Stupid Things with Big Stupid Plots

Who else thinks it's ridiculously awesome when franchises with no right to have stupidly dense mythologies, have, stupidly dense mythologies. That's the topic of this post where we'll be taking a look at The Fast and The Furious and the Saw franchises.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

On Star Wars

So the Star Wars movies are coming out on Blu-ray or already came out or whatever and people are getting mad because George Lucas added even more terrible/hilarious changes like this one...

Here's the thing. I like Star Wars, a lot actually and definitely more than Star Trek, but since it was never really a part of my formative childhood experience (except for the original 2D Clone Wars maybe but not the horrible 3D one) I'm not so emotionally attached to it that the prequels offended me the way they do some people. Granted, although episode 3 kind of has its moments, they are terrible movies as Red Letter Media so brilliantly illustrates but I've always felt that getting legitimately mad was kind of dumb.

Yes, the original Star Wars were group efforts with input from people who were far better writers and directors than George Lucas. However, at the end of the day STAR WARS BELONGS TO GEORGE LUCAS! IT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU FANS! That means that although it's kind of sad that he's ruining these movies (although ruin is a bit harsh) and he totally should let people get the originals, they are his movies to do with as he pleases. Plus, he is the single person most responsible for MAKING STAR WARS, so the credit he should get for that alone should trump most complaints. Calm down.

I say this because I know if I created a popular franchise, the last thing that would stop me from changing it would be angry, self-entitled fans. Art belongs to the artist.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

if anyone wants to know what I thought about "The Help"

I've been a part of a few lively Facebook conversations about whether or not the movie The Help is good or not. I wonder why they wanted my opinion? Eventually this less than enthusiastic response from the Association of Black Women came out and although I had yet to see the movie that pretty much seemed like a slightly more angry version of what I felt about it.

I've now seen the movie, and although I don't feel like reviewing it (the numerous subplots help and hurt) I will say this. I think it's good. Granted, there is a large female aspect to it that I don't have the perspective to comment on. However, from the racial perspective I will say that, although it totally is a "white guilt" movie, that doesn't mean it's absolutely horrible like The Blind Side. You know what else are white guilt movies? Avatar, The Last Samurai, Last of the Mohicans, Pocahontas and probably the upcoming Machine Gun Preacher. But most of those are at least decent.

Having just watched the latest Tyler Perry movie and realizing how much money he makes selling garbage to people starving for content, I was reminded of how much the white domination of Hollywood really sucks. The slight marginalization of black characters in favor of white protagonists in The Help is the result of that. However, it is also a well-done, very well-acted movie and that still counts for something.

Back to moving in...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stuff I Did This Week 9/7/2011

Northwestern University part 2 starts tomorrow and I'm so excited but before my flight, here's the stuff I wrote on the internet this week.

Square&Ball HD Review

Ant Raid Review

Robot 99 Review


Monday, September 5, 2011

IGN: I Went There

San Francisco is a fine vacation spot. There are In-N-Out Burgers, Luchador masks, and this amazing antique arcade museum I hope to tell people more about later. But my main reason for going was to see what it's like to work at a gaming website office, something I hope to eventually. Luckily,'s First Friday tour was the glimpse I was waiting for.

podcast room
Truth be told, there isn't much to describe. Imagine what an office full of people who loves games enough to write about them professionally would look like and you are probably on the right track. The surreal part was just seeing people like Daemon Hatfield, Peer Schneider and others who, to me, had only existed as voices on the internet, become real. Personally, that was far more interesting than watching Dead Island/zombie Fallout being played in their pimped out demo room.

bad pic of the game library
There were about twenty of of us on the trip but apparently there were over fifty applicants so I guess we were the special ones. However, while I do feel really bad saying this because I have absolutely no right to judge, some of the kinds of gamers who like IGN enough to visit it aren't people I would particularly like to hang around with. HYPOCRISY!

bottom left, Mark Ryan Sallee and Colin Moriarty
But whatever. It was still awesome. I won a copy of Total War Shogun 2 for knowing that the most overrated console of all time, the Sega Dreamcast, came out on 9/9/99. I told IGN Playstation Executive Editor and Mizzou journalism school alumnus Greg Miller (the dude hugging me in the opening pic) that I went to Medill and he said stuff I won't repeat. Their director of Tech Ops, Chris Ostertag, is also from New Jersey and went to Northwestern so I feel I'm still in the right. Plus, HD Starcraft, one of the few Starcraft commentators I watch, was there too so that was neat and unexpected.

Now I just have to make the switch from tourist to employee.

They have this now though so I'm all good