Sunday, May 31, 2015

What's Up With Me: Summer 2015

My life has been pretty crazy these past two months, so what better place to talk about it than on my poor, neglected blog?

In case you didn’t know, I now work at full-time as a Junior Software Analyst. Internships pay off! I still do plenty of writing about video games but the job also covers everything from mobile payment apps to weird video messaging platforms to America’s most useful gadget the Apple Watch.

Meanwhile, every Friday they put a camera in front of my dumb face while I read dumb words I wrote off a teleprompter for the daily news show “What’s New Now.” Check it out!

Moving to PCMag also meant moving to New York. Of all the places to live for the foreseeable future, this city was a pretty good pick. I haven’t done nearly enough exploring, but with summer coming up that’s hopefully about to change.

Meanwhile, I finally released Followers, my horror comedy short film I spent like four years working on. If all goes right I’ll have a longer post-mortem on this to share later, a much-needed emotional purge. But in the meantime, please enjoy the nonsense that happens when actors perform my scripts and professionals film them.

Right before starting at PCMag I finished up my interviews for Cards Against Humanity’s Tabletop Deathmatch board game reality show. The final story focused on CAH co-founder Max Temkin, who I’ve interviewed twice now, and a bunch of other board game folks really enjoyed how it turned out. Don't listen to the CAH haters!

Being an employed adult has definitely made my life a lot busier, but I still find the time to play new games and consume other media. Bouncing between Splatoon and Wolfenstein: The New Order will break your preconception of what a shooter is allowed to be. I enjoyed Avengers: Age of Ultron way more than the first, but the things I disliked about the first are what most people loved about it so once again I’m in the minority. There’s nothing more I can add to the Mad Max: Fury Road discussion other than it’s awesome and you should see it. I still can’t stop thinking about the "Mad Men" finale.

But yeah, that’s what’s up with me. I’m a full-time, professional, Black, games/tech journalist living in New York City. How ridiculous is that?