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  1. Hey Jordan, We have created the Ultimate Bluetooth archetype, that will not fall out of your ears.

  2. Hey Jordan,

    Not sure if you have time for this, but you should do some research into how Apple has changed the way they encode their text messages with their recent Smart Punctuation, and how this often makes their texts unreadable by certain dumb phones (i.e. LG env3). Verizon Wireless' tier 2 tech support insists the problem lies with Apple, and that they are unwilling to revert back to ASCII for SMS. Apple tier 3 tech support (and one of the bosses their, Eric), says the problem lies with the way Verizon routes messages. This sounds like an excuse on Apple's part, and that in reality, they are sticking to their guns of trialblazing a new SMS path, while leaving behind users who don't wish to use their products. However, I don't have the technical accumen, contacts, or journalistic professionalism to research it more myself, besides issuing a ticket with Verizon. Might be a good article for