Friday, June 3, 2011

So I saw X-Men: First Class...

Let’s do this again

It’s better than X3 and Wolverine and probably the first one too.

Why are all of the minority mutants either evil or dead? It’s kind of ironic considering how much of a civil rights parallel this series is.

Why would mutants makes fun of other mutants for being mutants?

The successful combination of period movie and superhero movie gives me hope for Captain America. All the Magneto as a rogue, super-powered Nazi-hunting James Bond works really well.

There are continuity issues but come one, stop caring. It fits well enough. Worrying does no good.

Of course (insert cameo) is in it and says (insert cameo dialogue). Perfect

The 1960s period was a cool style choice and allowed for interesting use of real history and hair like Kevin Bacon’s. Kevin Bacon is pretty great in general as is the Hellfire club and their stupid helmets.

Why use sad cat face Beast?

Boy they picked some obscure characters for this thing. Cyclops’ brother and Nightcrawler’s dad? Really?

Magneto and Professor X have a good mutant, “no human ladies allowed”, bromance. Plus James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender have the appropriate, round and square respectively, head shapes to grow into Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan.

There's far less teen angst than I feared.

I feel this will the best comic movie of the summer which sends a good message to the people that think only Marvel Studios can make good Marvel movies.


also no 3D and that's real cool too

Too bad this isn't the real title sequence

X-Men: First Class Title Sequence from Joe D! on Vimeo.

I loved each time they showed Magneto's lower row of teeth


  1. I cant wait! I was worried it would be terrible.

  2. cmon brah you know you love that Avengers nonsense.