Monday, June 6, 2011

Jordan's Obligatory E3 Predictions Post

With classes pretty much over, it's time for me to get back into this whole blogging thing and with E3 a.k.a. Christmas for game news happening today I figured it's time for...


It’s so hard to separate expectations from what I want so I won’t really try

1. I think a Pikmin game will be finally announced. I want it for both 3DS and the new café console or whatever they call it. Maybe just "The Nintendo"

2. I think GTA V will end up on café. I want them to show it during the conference

3. I think Scott Moffitt will end up on stage. I want him to be hardcore

4. I think the eshop (why can’t we transfer saves?) will be discussed I want it to have access to previous VC purchases

5. I think café’s price and launch won’t be discussed. I want it to be around June 2012

6. I think Skyward Sword will look better. I wish its release timing could have been better, seriously Nintendo, stop putting Zeldas in these weird transitional positions

I only really care about Nintendo but for the sake of fairness...

7. I think the NGP/PS Vita will have a fate like the PSP. I want Nintendo to adopt their download model

8. I want Star Wars: The Old Republic to co-exist with WOW and I think it will

9. I think Gears 3 was pushed from April to September because Microsoft has nothing else for end of this year. I want to be wrong.

10. I think Ubisoft should stop annualizing the otherwise high quality Assassin’s Creed franchise so I can start wanting it again.

But none of this really matters since all you people seem to care about is the origin of dumb memes anyway


  1. I have no doubt GTA V will be on Cafe but it wont be much different from the other consoles. Thats the downside of multiplatform, the superior platforms suffer.

    /agree on Assassins Creed. By all accounts Brotherhood is awesome but I have no desire to check it out.

  2. I can't see the Old Republic co-existing with WOW, although it would be cool if it did.