Monday, June 27, 2011

Mind Dump 5- The Devil and Nic Cage, plus more shout-outs

This is a momentous mind dump because not only is it the first to be formed as a single story Linguistic Gimmicks style, but it is also the first to be presented in a revolutionary new format called video.

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I also wanted to give shout-outs to the new additions on my blog roll as well as to some others. You can read the original list here.

Red Letter Media and Spill are both weird and hilarious movie review sites I frequent. Red Letter Media is behind those ridiculously long and creepy Star Wars prequel reviews.

Jools Watsham is a game developer I have a lot of respect for and The Game Overthinker is a game commenter I have a lot of respect for. He’s also Moviebob from the first list.

My friends Sam, Aho (A. Ho) and JJ also have blogs you should visit and while experiencing them through the internet doesn’t compare to the real thing, it’ll certainly do for now. Plus Sam’s blog is about video game music, an awesome topic I’ll probably write something about in some crazy cross-promotion type deal.

You guys ever have any weird, specific, plot-heavy dreams that made no sense but also kind of did? Or do you just have anything to say period. Please to be commenting below then.

OMG guinea pigs


  1. guess youve got to watch Rome to fully prepare urself for Ghost Rider 2.

  2. Awesome post. And thank you so much for the shout-out! I can't wait to do our cross-promotional article swap. :) Just let me know whenever! :D