Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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New banner= less of my head but more content to see at once, a fine trade off

So there's a real post coming later today/tomorrow but I just wanted to take a moment to remind you guys that if you like what I'm doing here and want to make me feel good/motivate me to keep doing this (even though I'd enjoy doing this no matter what out of ego) you can and totally should subscribe and comment.

Subscribing lets me know if I am actually reaching people and lets you know when new stuff goes up. It's real easy too. There's a little box to the right of this post and after clicking the follow button, using a variety of services (gmail, yahoo, twitter, aim, rss readers) you can start following Jordan's Obligatory Blog.

Comments on Facebook are awesome and totally appreciated but comments on the article themselves would help create a conversion with people that maybe don't know me in real life (cuz those people are totally reading this amirite?) 

Thanks in advance

And to make up for this shameless advertisement post here are some blogs I follow that you should follow too. You can see their latest updates on my blog roll in the bottom right. Serious news is serious business The internet is also serious business, so are three wolf moon shirts

LinguisticGimmicks- my good friend Robbie Stern posts his awesome creative writings here. Goldilocks+iPads=comedy genius. He's following me and you should too. my number one movie news website and podcast destination It's a website about video games. It's also hilarious and one of my most favorite things ever Will Ferrelll and Adam Mckay are my favorite comedy team and them doing a video site with James Franco presents James Franco sometimes is nothing short of amazing cool tech news

Moviebob- It's weird how often my opinion lines up with this guy, one of my favorite bloggers I love Nintendo and love to know about them my old proving grounds writing about Nintendo

WatchMii- HearMii's new movie spin-off Sweet gaming blog and my first experience with an internet community

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