Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mind Dump 2- Video Games

Bitmob is an awesome website that allows users to write video game articles and have the opportunity to have their work promoted by some pretty important people in game journalism. I've already used their services and you should too if you have any interest in writing about games.

They also have a podcast with topics chosen by the community. For their 100th episode though, they had users call in. Around 14:30 you can hear about my ridiculous Donkey Kong dream.

That got me to thinking about the other strange ideas for video games I've had and then I thought, "that sounds like another mind dump post."

Sorry this list might be a little shorter than the last one. No lie, the point of this post was to plug that Bitmob link. This is more of a bonus.

1. A hack-and-slash  game in the style of Devil May Cry or God of War but starring Nintendo's lesser-known but equally awesome swordsman Meta-Knight. If Nintendo were to make a character action game, making it a Kirby spin-off would be such a great, unexpected way to go.

2. Take the classic basketball arcade game NBA JAM and do a crossover with the classic basketball movie Space Jam and call it NBA Space Jam. big-headed Michael Jordan vs. big-headed Bugs Bunny ON FIRE?!? Sign me up.

3. Take the open-ended racing structure of Burnout Paradise and combine it with F-Zero. Imagine a super-expansive, seizure-inducing sci-fi racing world. Or better yet, GTA-style gameplay but with falcon punches. In 3D

4. Going back to Donkey Kong, ever since Donkey Kong Country Returns, I've been in love with the unique, weighty way Donkey Kong handles in platforming games. I think the best way to translate this to 3D is in a Prince of Persia style, parkour/wall run-heavy platformer. Also, it should be set in a city after DK has been captured by poachers. It should be called Donkey King Kong or King Donkey Kong.

5. Back on Hear Mii I actually did a series of posts where I would come up with game ideas like these and would write more in-depth about them. I'll leave you with that.

Donkey Konga 4: DK DJ

The Nintendo Zapper Collection

Earthbound Wii

Ice Climbers Wii

By the way, did I mention Donkey Kong is my favorite Nintendo character?

One more thing. These should all be launch titles for the Wii 2/ Wii HD/ Project Cafe. Whenever the heck that thing is finally revealed. Can't wait to control Charles Barkley and or Daffy Duck with a touch screen controller.

What was the deal with Lola Bunny?


  1. I feel like a free-reign F-Zero game could be pretty cool. It could also end up like Star Fox Adventures, though, and nobody wants that. =P

  2. know whats a good game idea? GTA5 on Cryengine 3.