Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let Kirby's Freak Flag Fly

I wrote an article about how there need to be more weird Kirby games like Kirby's Epic Yarn and it got promoted to the front page of Bitmob, a video game community blog.

"Kirby’s debut on the Wii last year seemed to more than make up for the pink puffball’s seven-year hiatus from home consoles. Kirby’s Epic Yarn impressed critics and players with its pleasant platforming and amazing arts-and-crafts aesthetic. With the franchise once again in the limelight, Nintendo revealed that HAL Laboratory’s long-dormant Kirby game for the GameCube is finally coming out on the Wii later this year.

But once videos starting coming out, some commenters had a curious reaction. They were glad that HAL, the studio that created Kirby, was going in a more traditional direction and than Epic Yarn, which apparently, despite its quality, was too much of a departure from a “real” Kirby game. That begs the question: What is a “real” Kirby game, anyway?"

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