Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mind Dump

There's another sort of review in the works but in the meantime here's an additional recurring feature I'd like to start. Sometimes when I have an idea for a movie or a song or just a phrase in general comes to me I'll just write it down. Me and some of other dudes are creating an entire fictional album with this method and one day I might share here. It involves apples. But right now here's a selection from my iPod note labeled "movies ideas."

1. A movie where Billy Ray Cyrus reveals that he created and built up Miley only to transfer his soul into her

2. The Greatest White Shark

3. A Wednesday Addams buddy cop movie where she's teamed up with a really straight-laced new recruit (played by Colin Hanks?) who totally can't deal with her weirdness, also guns

4. Seamsters: male seamstresses for hire

5. Hey Arnold Schwarzneggar

6. There's something in Coca-Cola that turns people into zombies and now a lone Pepsi colony in the middle of Georgia must survive the onslaught

7. A movie where the plot just suddenly shifts into an entirely different, unrelated movie in the middle. Also, the music emotion is the opposite of what's happening on screen

8. A mermaid porn called Fish Bitches

9. Now that Disney owns Marvel, a buddy cop show called Beast and the Beast where Beast from X-men is the older rational one, while the Beast from Beauty and The Beast is a loose cannon cop on the edge and a hit with the ladies.

10. Aquaman starring Patrick Wilson. He's in a lot of things (Watchmen, Phantom of the Opera, The Switch, Lakeview Terrace, The A-Team) but like no one knows who he is. What better way to get your face out there than with a superhero movie and Wilson (at least in this dream I had, that's not as weird as it sounded) totally has this Aquaman thing going on. Forget what James Cameron and Entourage told you.

Here's a trailer for rubber, a movie about a killer psychic tire. I feel that fits here


  1. Although you know that Seamsters would be the gayest show that was ever gay. Totally airing on Bravo, too.

  2. #7 and Rubber could both be amazing.