Saturday, May 7, 2011

So I saw Thor...

The arrangement of the words is supposed to remind you of a hammer I guess

I'm real busy so there's little time for posts. Also the next topic I want to cover is kind of a big deal.

But in the meantime, here's a partial list my immediate Thor movie reactions...

-Whenever they try to justify the science/magic thing it's almost hilariously dumb like Thor's game of connect the dots with the stars to draw the tree of life

-Kat Dennings' character is completely meaningless


-Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye is neat and in-obtrusive

-Kenneth Branagh does do a good job with the Asgard family stuff. Loki and Anthony Odin Hopkins make great faces and sounds respectively

-The beginning, set completely in Asgard, works the best because it's kind of ridiculous and because it's set completely in Asgard

- Thor loves horses. Thor hates cars

-The action is fun to watch mostly due to Thor's unique hammer-based fighting style

So it looks neat but it's real dumb. However it is totally enjoyable in like a half ironic funny way. Again, if they were to abandon this shared universe nonsense and science-fiction justification and just made a straight-up fantasy movie (with maybe some of its cosmic trappings) it would've been better.

Or if they just made a movie about a crazy guy wandering New Mexico thinking he was Thor that'd be the best solution of them all.

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