Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mind Dump 4- Whoever wins...

Yeah one of these again

Okay, I’ve been teaching myself how to use Abode Flash for like five years now, back when it was Macromedia Flash. It’s an awesome program but it’s also incredibly dense and confusing. Even after all these years I still feel like I’m barely tapping its potential.

It’s also incredibly useful to journalists for making cool interactive stories which is why our lecture today was dedicated to the program. I can’t blame them for going incredibly slow for the sake of those just learning the program. However, while everyone else was learning the most basic, simple functions, I did this…

And here’s where the leap happened. I just started thinking about the phrase “whoever wins we lose” and a variety of points came to mind.

1. Fred Durst, a.k.a., that guy from Limp Bizkit, is apparently directing movies now including The Longshots, a sports comedy starring Ice Cube and The Education of Charlie Banks starring Academy-Award nominee Jesse Eisenberg. Whoever wins we lose.

2. Seth Macfarlane is taking his Family Guy/American Dad/The Cleveland Show formula to the next, most ridiculous possible level with a reboot of “The Flintstones”. WHOEVER WINS WE LOSE!

3. There’s AVP: Alien vs Predator the origin of the phrase or at least the first time I heard it. I’ve always enjoyed how well the three factions of AVP match up to the three factions of Starcraft (an amazing PC strategy game and one of my favorite games of all time). Marines=Terrans, Aliens=Zerg and Predators+Religion=Protoss.

4. Speaking of “vs.”, one thing I enjoy doing is taking every instance of “vs.” in a title and changing it to “meets” and vice versa. For example, “Marvel meets Capcom” and “The Flintstones vs. The Jetsons." Whoever wins we lose.

5. I played tennis for a while and unless you are talking about doubles, that is not a team sport and I never liked how they kind of made it into one in order to justify it as an inclusive school sport. Same goes for golf and bowling. However, while I like being the only one responsible for my own failure or success, it is nice having a team to make up for your potential shortcoming. Whoever loses we all still might win.

6. And to bring it back, the second Nightmare on Elm Street is widely accepted as the worst of the series. Part of the reason is apparently the whole thing is actually a metaphor for the main character (who is gay in real life along with the screenwriter) dealing with his emerging homosexuality in the form of the spirit of Freddy Krueger. During the day he goes to school and hangs out with his girlfriend but when Freddy “comes out” he start stripping gym teachers in the showers before stabbing them. Whoever wins he loses.

Once again I have no time and I’m posting some vaguely-themed nonsense to compensate? No matter who wins we lose? WHOEVER WINS WE LOSE!

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