Sunday, February 10, 2013

2 Years 2 Furious

Jordan's Obligatory Blog where the pictures make no sense and the links break after a month.

Wow, I've been writing this dumb blog for two years now. I admit, it's been a little light on real content recently due to my other commitments but at least it's not Tumblr.

So like year here are the all-time most-viewed posts, a nice mix of new blood and old classics.

My Little Pony vs. Monster High: Capturing the Key Demographic- 3260 hits

Cool Post Bro- 1824 hits

Jordan's Obligatory E3 Predictions- 1179 hits

Mind Dump 3- True Stories Bro- 1054

A Toy that Eats Other Toys and Other Great Villains- 649 hits

The saga continues...

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