Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NYC Humblebrags

Quick update, now that Pie Planet is done the new schedule is recaps on Fridays and originals on Tuesdays, like this one.

Based on my interests and career aspirations, it’s pretty inevitable that I’ll end up living on the west coast. However, I’ll still always be an east coast native and therefore will always have love for New York City. After visiting the city this past weekend to meet up with some friends, I remembered that every time I go there, it’s awesome for an entirely different reason. So I decided to write them down.

1. My Dad is from New York and he met my Mom while they were both going to college there. So without New York I probably wouldn’t exist. Also, by having such a long history with the city, I probably don’t even remember my first trip but I’m sure it was awesome.

2. Despite being as franchise-driven and creatively bankrupt as Hollywood, Broadway at least has an illusion of classiness left. I have plenty of issues with musical but somehow I keep seeing things like The Producers, The Addams Family and In The Heights. At least I’ve seen them on Broadway though.

3. During high school the newspaper and the yearbook teamed up to send us to this journalism retreat in Columbia. It was a little pretentious sure but the workshops were fun and informative and Columbia in general is a cool place to explore. Plus, I almost got run over by a taxi while trying to get to Chipotle.

4. Nintendo World is awesome.

5. The United Nations is pretty cool too.

6. However, the big one is still getting to see “The Colbert Report” live two summers ago. While being in the audience during the show is hilarious in its own right, the real joy was getting to talk to Stephen beforehand. And if I can get sappy for a second, getting wristbands and t-shirts as well as great advice (after my parents harassed him) like “don’t make a baby” by a Northwestern alum right before starting college really helped me prepare for the transition. I thank him for that.

So yeah, New York is alright.

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