Saturday, February 11, 2012

Has it been a year already?


One year ago today I posted on this blog for the very first time. In New Media I talked about how having a personal blog was the next step for me both as a writer and fan of the internet in general. So far it has paid off great. It's been really fun writing about the stuff I find interesting and I'm pretty sure it's helping me land some writing gigs so yes, when people tell you it's smart to start a blog to showcase your work they aren't kidding.

I don't really have a favorite post because how could I but here are your guys' five most popular posts based on hits.

Cool Post Bro- 1800 hits

My Little Pony vs. Monster High: Capturing the Key Demographic - 1679 hits

Mind Dump 3- True Stories Bro - 954 hits

Tron Legacy Reconfigured sort of Review - 625 hits

Why Do I Own This?: Laser Pointer - 420 (heh) hits

Those results are kind of crazy. Cool Post Bro? Really?

Seriously though thanks to everyone who actually reads this digital collection of my thoughts/celebration of my own narcissism. Stay tuned because there is something really awesome in the works that I can't wait to share more about. Really though most of you reading this already know what it is.

Here's this thing as a gift. It's great.

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