Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The osCars

Who needs structure (or proofreading)? Here are my random Oscar thoughts.

Turns out last year's show wasn't better just because James Franco's irony is funnier than Billy Crystal's everything. No, last year just featured way more interesting movies. There was Inception, Social Network, Black Swan, 127 Hours, Toy Story 3 and pretty much everything but The King's Speech, which by the way wasn't bad but just too safe. Out of this year's bunch I only really got into Moneyball and Midnight in Paris. I saw Tree of Life but don't have enough time to get into here (long story short it's very pretty but either too crazy or not crazy enough and Brad Pitt is really good in it too.) The Help and The Artist are meh for their own reasons and unfortunately I did not have the chance to see the remaining nominees.

So much of the ceremony, at least until it picked up towards the end, was about looking backwards. "Hey guys, remember movies? They were cool." Between that and the praise of nostalgic film porn like The Artist and Hugo it's looking increasingly less likely that the awards are actually trying to make themselves more relevant. Even legitimately funny bits like the focus group sketch and those Ellen commercials were about the past. Also, and I'm not saying he didn't deserve it because I really think he did, but there is something telling that Christopher Plummer became the oldest actor to receive an Oscar that night. Again though, Beginners looks awesome and he looks awesome in it.

And here's where I stop trying...

Chris Rock was funny and veteran voice actress Tara Strong's anger over his voice acting joke on Twitter is almost as funny.

Cirque Du Soleil was really neat. FLYING CAREY GRANTS!

None of these movies are Drive.

#MerylStreepHumbleBrag, #AngelinaJoliesRightLeg

Yeah Muppets!

Best movie idea my friends and I came to while watching was Cars 3: The osCars.

Also this video exists which is great.

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  1. Man this is one of the most boring Oscar's I have ever had to watch. Also I couldn't help myself to be disappointed that Drive did not win/nominated for anything, as well as Gary Oldman getting snubbed as well. Btw why does Dragon tattoo win for film editing, while Hugo wins for sound editing and mixing. Shouldn't whoever wins for film editing win automatically for sound editing.