Friday, February 11, 2011

New Media!

Okay, so pretty much everyone around me has been saying that one of the best things I can do if I want to become a journalist of the future, and I really do, is to start blogging. So welcome to Jordan Minor's Obligatory Blog!

So that's why I made it but why should you read it? I don't know, it's probably because you already know about me or hopefully it's because you want to. In either case this is your chance to consume all that wonderful content you would otherwise get from just talking to me. Stuff that may have value like my views on movies, games, culture, politics or the proper word for soda (it's soda). Weird inside jokes (the baby) and obscure references (ask me anything about beetleborgs). And complete nonsense I've made like this

So who am I? I'm Jordan Minor, sometimes known as piffman2 on the internet. I study journalism, without roommate, at Northwestern University in almost-Chicago. I'm from the good part of New Jersey. The part so south I once took a wrong turn coming home from school and wound in Philadelphia. Had to buy a CD from a guy to get him to leave my car. True story.

My tastes: Writing, video games and movies are cool. Things based on comics are cool but not comics themselves. I hate 3D but Tron is alright. It also has good music. iPods are cool. Macs aren't. Nintendo is dear to my heart. I'm phasing the words "hipster" and "pretentious" out of my vocabulary.

This is just an introduction. The next few posts will be links to my stuff already on the internet but in nice convenient lists. If any of that catches your eye then stay tuned to Jordan's Obligatory Blog or Stay tuned anyway. I'm sure it'll get better.

don't believe anything you read about street sharks. trust me

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