Monday, February 14, 2011

Old Stuff Part 5- It's like a radio show, but on the internet

It's Valentine's day and I want to talk about how much I love podcasts.

For the most part they have replaced television as my most distracting non-video game entertainment source. That's mostly because after waiting months and months for "The Last Airbender" to finish I couldn't commit to any more plot driven shows ("Walking Dead", "Dexter") and the only comedies I watch are classics that were once good but are now watched out of pity ("Simpsons", "Family Guy").

But podcasts are great. One to two hours of movie or game conversation that's insightful, hilarious or both? Plus you can listen to them while doing other things like eating or studying or writing or just derping around on the internet. (Derping= messing around in that context). They are time consuming however, so right now there's only room in my college life for two: the hilarious video game podcast The Giant Bombcast, and the just plain well done movie podcast the SlashFilmcast.

We're about to reach the last stretch of these backlog posts before the official blog launch (anyone who managed to stumble across here like through my Facebook page or something before I told you about it), and the final posts are about my games journalism experience. This is kind of a prelude to that. Having been such an avid listener of podcasts naturally I wanted to start participating in them. And what better way to start my games journalism career than to talk "intelligently" (sometimes) about games on the internet.

First was my brief appearance on the popular Smash Bros. podcast "Show Me Your News". I'll always give the host, Youko, for getting me started. I'd never anticipated anything as much as I'd anticipated Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the show was recorded in 2007, before the game out so I blame my less than stellar performance on both excitement and inexperience.

But judge for yourself.

Plus I contributed to the strangely dense mythology of the show by appearing near the end of this video

and creating the minor "All Clocks" inside joke (listen for my voice in the song and read the comments)

But it was on the 50+ episode Hear Mii podcast where I really got into it. After being hired at the now-gone Wii.TV one of my first goals was to create a podcast. Throughout two years and two websites me and guys like The Assailant6661, Tim Savage, Lotto, Marley Silverbrand, and even Destructoid (a popular game blog) contributor Storm Dain, would have great talks about the Nintendo Wii, games in general, the internet in general and life in general. They'll be another post about my time at Hear Mii but while my more recent experiences with games journalism have been fulfilling both financially and professionally, Hear Mii is where I had the most fun. And we did get some pretty cool guests. Egoraptor creator of the awesome series of flash cartoons, other web celebrities like Dr. Ashens and Ultraneko (sad face) and even the developers of the Wiiware/PC/Playstation Network game Swords and Soldiers and the critical indie darling Super Meat Boy.


Most of the links don't work, but you can find the episodes here. Or you could try searching on iTunes.

Keep following this blog because if I do get into podcasting, and I really want to, you'll hear about it here first.

Ha, hear. Like you'll hear it. Like how you hear a podcast because it's audio. Get it? Get it?

I don't think you got it.

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