Sunday, April 15, 2012

T'Chroll Arrives: Prologue

Just some stuff you might want to know.

Throughout time, as the universe became more ordered, excess chaotic energy started to gather in space, or rather, in the space between space. Soon, within this extra-dimension, consciousness formed and horrible, shapeless beings emerged who only desired to screw around on earth because you know, why not? Escaping the extra-dimension was no easy task but over the course of human history several entities did manage to break through and had many successful conquests. Eg-Piph established a violent empire that lasted thousands of years. Yarranaicca was rumored to have fathered a number of hybrid children to aid him in the future. Even beings that lacked this foresight still killed a lot people and had a lot of fun doing it. It was all pretty weird and messed up there for a while.

Eventually though, the humans, tired of this constant harassment, developed the mystical skills necessary to combat these demonic entities. Soon, news reached the extra-dimension that their playthings were beginning to rebel. At first it was cute. Conquering enemies who foolishly believed they had a chance was far more amusing than just watching them roll over. After a while though, that human belief was not so foolish. The final blow against the extra-dimensional ones came when one of their one, The Granter, was sealed away in a dull sword, powerless and forever trapped in the human plane. Frightened for the first time in their entire existence, the extra-dimensional ones stopped crossing the border from their world to ours. So began a great age of peace for us and a great age of boredom for them.

And there's probably not going to be anything big happening anytime in the near future to change this totally awesome status quo.

To be continued...

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