Sunday, April 22, 2012

T'Chroll Arrives: Chapter 1- I Wanna Be Thagai Too

#MTB 2012

“Let it be known across the entire extra-dimension that I, Thagai, intend to end this era of cowardice and stake my claim in the human realm just as our beloved ancestors did. Mark my words. The seal will once again be breached!”

The crowd of gathered entities burst into both applause and laughter. Some were impressed and excited by the young being’s lofty goals. Others though dismissed it outright.

“Who dares mock him? He has shown more self-respect this instant than the lot of you put together throughout your entire lives!” shouted one indignant supporter.

“I agree with Thagai,” another being shouted. “The humans have grown fat and content. The time has come to remind them of what true misery is.”

“Fools, this will only end in misery for him,” a more skeptical entity retorted while pointing at Thagai. “Do you not remember how the humans imprisoned one of the greatest among us those few cycles ago? Do you wish to join the Granter, exiled in a scrap of metal? Follow Thagai and you’ll only be led to your own ends.”

This last incendiary comment sparked a more violent debate, one with cosmic entities shooting lasers and stuff at each other. Thagai laughed at the situation. The fact the he had so easily rallied the onlookers into such a mad frenzy proved that his plan has working. He would need his people to be good and mad if they were to take back the Earth and restore the honor of the extra-dimension. At this moment Thagai was the most confident being in the entire plane and it showed.

Meanwhile, off in the distance, a lesser entity has casually wandering the plane, looking for someone he could safely pester with without the risk of repercussions. This entity’s name was T’Chroll and what he lacked in true power he made up with the ability to pretend that he had true power. So far though he had only managed to prank entities so ancient that they had already ascended to a state of pure entropic energy, rendering them unable to be bothered and therefore ruining the entire point of pranking. However, all of that nearby angry shouting sounded promising so T’Chroll decided to make his way over.

Once there though, after maneuvering through the fighting beings, T’Chroll got one got look at Thagai and suddenly that was all he could think about. The sheer swag he exuded was so palpable it gave T’Chroll his first ever mancrush as well as making him incredibly jealous. He no longer wanted prank anybody. Instead, he wanted to be that guy. He needed to be Thagai.

“Support me or not, it makes no difference, but this petty squabbling has gone on long enough,” Thagai shouted and the crowd went silent. “Humans are a stupid, arrogant race. Who knows how many of the even recall our reign. Surely they have lost the secret of sealing by now. In any case, I depart tomorrow. The birth of my empire is imminent. I expect you all to attend.”

“So the key to coolness is controlling the human plane?” T’Chroll thought to himself. “And this guy is going to do all of that hard work opening it up so I don’t have to? Oh, I’ll definitely be there.”

To be continued…

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