Sunday, April 29, 2012

T'Chroll Arrives: Chapter 2- Thank You Braced God

T’Chroll stood before the core of the universe, his stupid destiny before him. “Today’s the day.”

For the most part, the extra-dimension is as crazy and chaotic as one would expect an alternate universe made up of discarded energy to be. There is no land, only oceans of madness made physical and skies that burn with the strength of supernovas. The entities that exist there don’t really “walk around.” It’s really more of a drifting motion as their shapeless forms are adapted to sailing on extra-dimensional currents. It’s a weird place to say the least.

However, at the center of this realm is a place where everything is still and peaceful instead of random and violent. It’s an oasis of order where even the strongest of extra-dimensional beings may only exist for a few moments before shriveling up like salted snails. It is here where their world crosses with ours. It is here where Thagai plans to start his conquest of Earth and it is here where our hero T’Chroll will try to beat him to it. 

“Brothers, when the time is right I will come back for you and our shadow will blanket mankind once again. However, right now only one may pass through the portal. For the moment, I must say farewell.” Thagai had to make his message brief as even he could not stand to be in the core for too long. The entities watching him were as close as they could be while still staying safely inside the winds of chaos.

“And one more thing. I’ve thought it over and have decided that ‘Thagai’ is an old name for an old time. There is a new name that the humans will soon learn to fear. Brace yourselves for Tian Black, the Braced God!” Tian Black the Braced God was quite pleased with his announcement but everyone else was sort of confused. They clapped anyway though and just went along with it.

Unfortunately for Tian Black the Braced God, this act of hubris would prove to be his ultimate undoing. In what was most likely his cleverest plan yet, T’Chroll had used this momentary confusion to weave his way through the crowd undetected once more until he had reached the edge of the core. The time for his ascension had come at last. He watched as Tian Black the Braced God summoned all of his strength to open the door to the world of man. Doing so unleashed a blinding light that emanated from what looked to be some kind of swirling portal. Inside the portal T’Chroll could see the unforgettable blue image of Earth. 

“Oh my stars he’s done it!” one entity exclaimed and the crowd began to cheer. At that moment, T’Chroll braced himself for the upcoming pain, dove into the core of the extra-dimension, and “sprinted” toward the portal. Tian Black the Braced God had a head start, but opening the door had weakened him. Besides, he wanted to take a more leisurely stroll towards his destiny and spend more time soaking in how great he was. He was mistaken though. For a split second he saw something out of the corner of his eye and before he knew it T’Chroll had passed through the portal, sealing it once more. The light faded and all of the other entities then watched as Thagai a.k.a. Tian Black the Braced God a.k.a. Escobar the Big Money Rustla succumbed to the core. He wasn’t great. He was dead.

For T’Chroll though, his journey was just beginning as his essence shot across the stars. The experience was enough to drive greater beings mad. However, through his sheer force of will and desire to be cool, T’Chroll managed to maintain all that he was and soon enough he reformed on what was undeniably Earth. At last, T’Chroll had arrived.

 To be continued…

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