Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bond Bonus Bit: Baby you’re the Best

Adele’s “Skyfall” theme song is now available and it’s awesome and everyone should listen to it.

Plus, it’s as good a reason as any for me to name my other favorite James Bond songs, in no particular order.


Still the quintessential “best” Bond song but its lack of rhythm kind of bothers me. I’m warming up to it though.

“Diamonds Are Forever”

As far as Shirley Bassey Bond songs go I probably prefer this to “Goldfinger,” and not just because of that Kanye West song.


Sensing a pattern yet? I like Bond songs sung by powerful Black women, and Adele. Not even an overly slow start can stop this one.

“You Know My Name”

Just as Casino Royale put a welcome new twist on Bond, so does this great, mournful Chris Cornell track. 

“Nobody Does It Better”

James Bond is entirely about sex.

“You Only Live Twice”

I’d go into detail about how much I've been obsessed with this song after the “Mad Men” season finale, but that would be a spoiler for “Followers.” (which is still coming along just nicely by the way)

“Live and Let Die”

Like “Goldfinger,” I think this one is weird and choppy in parts, but it’s a classic nonetheless, both versions. 

Seven songs for 007? That sounds right.

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  1. Paul McCartney wrote and performed Live and Let Die. Pretty much the only reason why it's my favorite...