Monday, June 18, 2012

Why Did I Eat This?: Gorilla Munch

As my sophomore year of college was beginning to come to an end, I began feeling an odd yet unfortunately familiar sensation. It seemed that my jimmies had become quite rustled. It was an understandable rustling. Finals and the thought of leaving my friends and the dorm I had lived in for the past two years were pretty good reasons to check my jimmy status off as “rustled.” So I prayed to the gods for guidance and their advice was so obvious I was a fool for not considering it sooner. All I simply had to do was walk down to my local Whole Foods, buy a box of “Gorilla Munch” cereal, eat that shit and hope that my jimmies would soon be soothed. Here are my thoughts.

Much like its Amazon reviews had led me to believe, Gorilla Munch is pretty much Kix but not as good. The taste is there but it lacks that cereal’s airy crunchiness and the mouth feel/texture suffers as a result. Beyond that though it makes for a fine balanced breakfast and works for snacking throughout the day too. Also worth mentioning is that it is and always has been gluten-free, according to the box at least. Oh, and as for the so-called “le monkey face” when you see it in-person it still straddles that magical line between well-drawn and not. Most importantly though, the munch had unrustled not only my jimmies but the jimmies of my entire suite. As they say, “a box on the table keeps the jimmies stables.”

3 stars

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