Sunday, June 3, 2012

Things What Might Happen at E3


1. MARIO everywhere.

2. Announcements of more full games coming to the eShop like Rayman Origins perhaps.

3. No 3DS redesign because Nintendo isn't as impatient as the rest of you.

4. Whatever Retro Studios is doing be it Star Fox, Zelda or Metroid: something it won't be called Metroid Prime 4.


1. Hopefully People Can Fly are allowed to make Gears of War Judgment as crazy as Bulletstorm. Also it's interesting seeing that franchise enter its Halo ODST/Reach period.

2. Hey guys, Halo 4 is a game.

3. Kinect still sells I guess so probably stuff for that too.

4. The overwhelming sense that the next Xbox should've been here already.


1. Lots of Vita games so you jerks will start buying it.

2. Kevin Butler demoed in Sony Smash Bros. or whatever it is really called.

3. The Last of Us makes everything else look bad by comparison.

4. Reasons to make you consider paying for the Playstation Network. You won't but you'll at least consider it.

Everyone Else

In Assassin's Creed Vita you play as a French Black lady. That's pretty neat.

Two years is too long to wait for Starcraft 2:2.

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