Sunday, May 13, 2012

T'Chroll Arrives: Chapter 4- Regards, The Society

Society Agents George and Walsh made their way through the jungle in pursuit of their extra-dimensional target. For such a supposedly weak being, this T’Chroll character had managed to leave behind quite the trail of bodies. Although it gave them a convenient way to track him, there was no denying how sad/gross it was.

“Just run through it one more time please,” said a visibly nervous George.

“It’s easy, we shoot him, the enchanted metal of our bullets destabilizes his form and we seal him in a rock of something. Just follow my lead intern,” replied Walsh.

“How can you be so sure? It’s not like you’ve ever done it before.”

“I saw like half of Ghostbusters once. It can’t be that different. We just gotta make sure we bring the rock back to base. Remember when they lost the sword that one time? Stuff really got out of hand.”

The duo eventually made their way to the clearing where T’Chroll had set up his base. The dying flames and piles of bodies suggested that his work there was almost complete. George was terrified by the scene while Walsh was merely disinterested. They both then drew their guns. 

“Freeze!” They shouted simultaneously.

T’Chroll then turned around and was surprisingly delighted to see opposition at last.

“Oh man guns, that’s awesome. You guys totally think I’m the real deal and stuff don’t you?” he said.

George and Walsh both raised their eyebrows curiously.

“I mean, it seems you two will not be vanquished quite as easily,” T’Chroll said in a much more serious voice, a super serious voice. “Perhaps this is the time to grow my army instead of just my body count.” 

T’Chroll then began to stare at the agents. Soon enough, they both started lowering their weapons.

“Yes. Don’t you see? There’s a better way. A T’Chroll way. Now, how far are you willing to go?”

With that, both agents then began moving their guns toward their own heads.

“That’s it, that’s it.”

Walsh then shot himself. T’Chroll laughed.

“No!” screamed George. Apparently it had been a big enough shock to free him of T’Chroll influence. He then immediately shot T’Chroll. Just as Walsh said, the bullet caused T’Chroll to break down into some sort of screaming, cosmic cloud. As T’Chroll’s destabilized form swirled in agony, George looked around for something to trap the monster in. Nearby was a rock from one of the broken homes. That would do the trick. George then began the movements and incantations needed for the sealing process.

“This definitely was not supposed to happen,” could be heard coming from the T’Chroll cloud. “I cannot believe this!”

George finished the ritual and T’Chroll’s form was sucked into the rock. When George went to pick it up, he noticed it had gained a variety of strange markings, a side effect perhaps. Regardless, it was going in a Society vault where it couldn’t kill anyone ever again. T’Chroll’s reign had ended before it had even began.

To Be Continued… 

By the way the rock looked like this


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