Sunday, May 6, 2012

T'Chroll Arrives: Chapter 3- Pile of Secrets

T’Chroll’s incomprehensible natural form lay still on the jungle floor. The journey to Earth had weakened him and it would be some time before he could even move again. Having nothing better to do, he began recalling stories of the history of his people on this planet.

Before the secret of sealing had scared the residents of the extra-dimensional back home, Earth had seen its fair share of extra-dimensional occupation. For a time though, it was only violence and harassment without any motive or purpose. Just as primitive man cared only for his own immediate well-being, primitive extra-dimensional entities lived only for torturing humans in the moment.

However, everything changed once the Empire of Eg-Piph came into being. It was a brutal regime that not only killed humans at will but exploited and enslaved them. It was effective though and established a kingdom that could’ve ruled the planet until the end of time. Ultimately, what brought it down wasn’t some bold display of human bravery and will but rather Eg-Piph’s own arrogant refusal to name any sort of successor. With no one to maintain the empire after Eg-Piph’s ascended to nothingness like the rest of his kind, the whole thing fell to pieces and many humans and extra-dimensionals alike perished in the ensuing chaos.

To the survivors, the lesson was clear. Never again could extra-dimensionals be allowed to dominate the Earth so completely. Led by a man named Barthes, a group of humans known as The Society was formed to show Earth’s oppressors that its natives wouldn’t go down without a fight. Initially, the group suffered many defeats due to the sheer cosmic strength of their opponents but The Society kept fighting. Learning from Eg-Piph’s mistake, Barthes kept The Society active by giving leadership over to his descendants, which is really obvious if you think about it. That way, the fight would go on even when he could not. Unsurprisingly, the strategy paid off.

The Society was about more than just fighting the extra-dimensionals though. It was about studying and emulating their mystic arts. The initial offensive spells developed by Society scientists gave their warriors a slightly better chance of survival. However, once the secret of sealing was uncovered, again, everything changed. Before, The Society had to focus their efforts on the big picture: keeping demonic dictatorships from being formed. With the secret of sealing though, not even the mildest cosmic nuisance would be tolerated.

Unfortunately for T’Chroll, being a mild cosmic nuisance is kind of his whole thing. To be fair though, killing the first person to happen upon your resting body and proceeding to burn down their nearby village is a little more than being a mild nuisance. This was Earth though where even the weakest extra-dimensional being had enough power to rule. This was T’Chroll’s chance to reinvent himself as the God he knew he could be pretend to be. “Maybe I shouldn’t be killing people,” he thought, “Maybe I should be getting them to worship and follow me instead.” At that moment a group of survivors burst through a flaming house. T’Chroll proceeded to strike them down with a bolt of chaotic energy. “But where am I going to find some people?”

Meanwhile, deep within The Society Compound, an alarm was going off for the first time in a long time. “There’s been a breach?!?” exclaimed George, a bewildered Society member. “We have to contact Director Barthes immediately!”

“Look again intern, it’s only a class 1 level entity and a weaker one at that,” said Walsh, another, decidedly calmer member. 


“Meh. Besides, we can't bother Director Barthes. She is still busy what with the Yarra-Naica spawn and the Sword of Fulfillment and getting those reports in by Monday. You know, the elements of business.”


“Hey, listen. I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you and me just go down to South America and handle it ourselves. Look at the power levels on this guy. It’ll be a piece of cake.”

“Um, okay.”

“Awesome. I’ll go get my gun!”

To be continued…

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