Saturday, August 20, 2011

What's on the TV these days?

Ever since "Avatar: The Last Airbender" ended I’ve found myself unable to commit to another serialized TV show. As such, Netflix and the internet at large are my avenues for things like "Mad Men,""Game of Thrones" and "The Walking Dead." The few times I’m actually watching a television program on a television is for stuff like "The Daily Show" or one of the Matt Groening/Seth Macfarlane family of cartoons despite how bad they have become with the exception of Futurama. So naturally I’ve decided to use my blog to discuss and dismiss the current state of a media landscape I know very little about.

Today’s theme: Cats and Dogs. If I only I had thought to do this when they put out a sequel to Cats and Dogs nine years later for no reason whatsoever.

First up, “The Nine Lives of Chloe King”

Skyler is the second worst name, right behind Kyler.

So it’s about, like, a superpowered cat lady? And like the savior of all the other San Francisco cat ladies? The cat lady has nine lives so maybe the big thing will be she gets killed at the end of each episode. That’d make for a pretty interesting miniseries. If they’re really ambitious though, they’ll go for a death at the end of each season. It’ll totally last until then.

Also, if a cat lady gets with a human dude the dude dies. So there’s all this tension. It’s like "Pushing Daisies." Actually, if anything, this reminds of me "Dark Angel," that show James Cameron made a few years ago starring Jessica Alba as another superpowered cat lady. Except, it’s on ABC Family so less darkness and more, I don’t know, teen angst?

Speaking of teen angst, if I may once again make sweeping generalizations about something I don’t know about, teen angst, vampires, and my home state seem to be what dominates the airwaves. Stupid kids.

Take the new "Teen Wolf" show for example. The original Teen Wolf movies were about werewolf Michael J. Fox, and eventually werewolf Jason Bateman, bro-ing it up, playing basketball, turning into a wolves and generally having a radical 1980s life. If you want a true successor to that go watch "Big Wolf on Campus" because that show was great. Also, "Big Bad Beetleborgs." (not related)

This new one though is all about mist, and brooding and lacrosse. It is chillingly accurate depiction of the age we live in. You know what though. Scott’s friend is still named Stiles. That is all kinds of perfect.

Finally, werewolves…full moon. This is the best chance I’ll get to bring up one of my favorite, short-lived high-concept TV shows no one should remember, “Three Moons Over Milford.” Basically, an asteroid hits the moon and NOW THERE ARE THREE MOONS that could fall to the Earth at any time and kill everyone. So people just start going nuts and start like looting, or being super skeezy, or just pretending that nothing is wrong. It only had eight episodes presumably because that’s when the three moons killed everyone.


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