Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why Do I Own This?: Pearl Harbor Poster

Man, I can stop bringing things back to Transformers.

So Giant Bomb has this weekly live show for subscribers and one of the segments allows viewers to call in and answer trivia for prizes. When Dark of the Moon came out the theme was Transformers and because I know too much about that franchise I called in and won.

My prize? A high-quality poster of a terrible movie: Pearl Harbor directed by Michael Bay who also directed Transformers.

It's the translucent kind theaters use so they "pop" more in the back lit display cases.So that's two movie posters I've acquired over the past few months, the first being this poster of The Room that I got signed by Tommy Wiseau,who also harassed me, when he hosted a screening in Chicago. That was way better than being on Slimetime Live or meeting Stephen Colbert. If you love ironically bad movies and  haven't seen The Room fix that. It's impossible to spoil because every scene is magical.

"Jordan, may all your dreams come true. Love- Tommy"

But that's a poster I'll cherish forever. The Pearl Harbor one...

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  1. YOU'RE TEARING ME APART JORDAN! Marley still has no clue about this movie.