Monday, July 11, 2011

Octodad 2 and more games you should support

When I interviewed the developers of cult-hit DePaul student game Octodad a few months ago they hinted that we hadn’t seen the last of our favorite sea creature what pretends to be a father.

Well the time for hinting is over. Octodad 2 is happening but it needs your help. Follow this link to donate to the project and get some neat stuff in return like t-shirts, pre-orders, or my favorite, virtual high fives. And if you need a reminder of how it’s your civic duty to support this sequel, go download the original for free and give it a shot.

Thanks to Sam for this tip.

It’s worth mentioning here that you should probably also check out Operation Rainfall, a underground movement dedicated to bringing three cool-looking Wii RPGs (Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story from the creator of Final Fantasy) over to America, Europe is already getting them, since the system is in such need of content. So far their results have been pretty impressive not the least of which being pushing one of those games, Xenoblade, to the top of the Amazon video game charts.

Here’s hoping that if they succeed the games won’t sell like garbage because if they do Nintendo will never pay attention to internet fans ever again.

So yeah support Octodad 2 and support Operation Rainfall. They’re pretty cool.

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