Monday, March 25, 2013

So I Saw Spring Breakers...

Spring Breakers is a movie I think everyone should see, and not just because it’s perfectly timed for spring break season. Whether your reaction to its incomprehensible art-house sleaze is positive or negative, it’s worth having an opinion of just the same. You may not get it or if you do you still may be put off by it. However, I loved it and that’s because it deals with so many of my own personal cinematic fixations. It’s almost as if Harmony Korine made it for me.

1. It has hordes of hot girls.

2. It’s a blistering critique of the times we live in.

3. It’s a celebration of the times we live in and it recognizes the paradox of a culture growing increasing shameful but also more amoral.

4. It has awful Florida people being awful.

5. James Franco looks stoned the whole time.

6. It has a soulless, dubstep techno soundtrack on-par with Tron Legacy with a matching empty neon party aesthetic.

7. There’s a fascinating, relevant racial undercurrent to the whole thing.

8. Its exploration of nihilism and existential meaninglessness as the ideal makes it a great companion piece for the 2010 killer tire movie Rubber.

9. It uses repetition and nonlinear storytelling to simulate hazy party memories to great effect.

10. Every character sucks.

11. It’s just an antagonistic, totally nonsensical fever dream nightmare that has so much contempt for modern dumb college kids as well as the audience.

Honestly, for as indulgent and exploitative as Spring Breakers sounds though, an NC-17 rating might have actually been useful in allowing it to push some real boundaries, or rather, more boundaries than it is already pushing.

Still, as it stands, Spring Breakers is a radical, generation-defining film. All of these other 21st century wild party movies, (The Hangover, Project X, 21 & Over) no longer have any reason to exist.

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