Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What If I Told You...

After some Very Serious political posts it's time for me to write about dumb internet stuff again. Actually, getting the internet up and running here in Spice World (my new apartment) was such a hassle it made me more grateful for the virtually limitless amount of information we have available at our finger tips online. However, what if I told you that the web held more information than you thought?

The Deep Web a.k.a.DeepNet a.k.a. The Invisible Web a.k.a. The Undernet a.k.a. The Hidden Web basically refers to all online information not accessible via search engines and other tools used by us pedestrian "surface web" dwellers. It's usually boring stuff like sites with private logins and domains that doesn't use HTTP but how great and ominous is the term "Deep Web?" It sounds like some H.P. Lovecraft nether realm. Top internet scientists estimate that around 300,000 sites and over 7,500 terabytes of data exist on the Deep Web and they are constantly working on new ways to crawl this forbidden space. Amazing.

Of course, this shouldn't be confused with the equally spooky Dark Internet which is made up of computers simply cut off from the larger World Wide Web. This also shouldn't be confused with 4chan which is just a dark part of the internet.

What a great stupid world we live in.

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